Move to the Beat of London – Olympic 2012 Coca Cola Commercial

The Coca-Cola Company on Wednesday is set to give a first glimpse of the Olympics advertising campaign for its flagship soda, Coca-Cola. The theme will be “Move to the beat,” under the Coca-Cola brand slogan of “Open happiness”; the centerpiece will be a song, “Anywhere in the World,” written by Mark Ronson and Katy B, which is to serve as an anthem for Coca-Cola’s Olympic sponsorship efforts.

A commercial that runs four minutes is to make its debut on Wednesday on YouTube; there will also be versions that run 30 seconds, 60 seconds and two minutes.

Created by the London agency known as Mother, the campaign is the latest for the Coca-Cola brand to have music at its heart. For the 2010 World Cup, the brand’s campaign used a remixed version of “Wavin’ Flag” by the Canadian rapper K’naan, and the version heard in Coca-Cola commercials became a hit in many countries.

The reliance on music, particularly for campaigns based on sports sponsorships, is intended to intensify the appeal of Coca-Cola to younger consumers with a passion for sports and music.

The idea is to reach “a generation of teens and young adults,” said Shay Drohan, global senior vice president for sparkling brands at the Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta.

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