The Evolution of Media: Visualizing a Data-Driven Future

The Waves of Media So FarEvery so often, the dominant form of communication is upended by new technological developments and changing societal preferences.These transitions seem to be happening faster over time, aligning with the accelerated progress of technology.

Proto-Media (50,000+ years) Humans could only spread their message through human activity. Speech, oral tradition, and manually written text were most common mediums to pass on a message.

Analog and Early Digital Media (1430-2004) The invention of the printing press, and later the radio, television, and computer unlock powerful forms of one-way and cheap communication to the masses.

Connected Media (2004-current) The birth of Web 2.0 and social media enables participation and content creation for everyone. One tweet, blog post, or TikTok video by anyone can go viral, reaching the whole world.

Source: The Evolution of Media: Visualizing a Data-Driven Future

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