Artists Grab 5,000 Web Images for а Massive Collage


To produce the dense, hypersaturated art pieces seen in their new exhibition, two artists googled the web, scoured fan forums and browsed Flickr accounts to round up 5,000 images for a single collage.

The duo, who work under the moniker Simmons & Burke, then assembled their visual plunder into the eye-popping print, pictured above. “We like the idea of making a Frankensteinian world that is both overwhelming and quieting,” Case Simmons and Andrew Burke told in an e-mail interview.

For their new exhibition If Not Winter, which goes on display Thursday at Michael Kohn Gallery in Los Angeles, the pair appropriated about 15,000 images from a vast trove of sources. “We use all sorts of sites and forums to discover images and samples on the internet,” they said.

Tech Specs: Simmons & Burke use the polygonal lasso tool in Photoshop along with the apple + x and apple + v to select images. “Because these works take several months to make, part of our process is building ‘palettes’ of images to save time,” they said. “When we have a PSD file open that has over 5,000 layers, things become pretty slow.”

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