The A-Z of Content Marketing: 12+ Strategies & Channels

What Is Content Marketing?

To kick things off, let’s take a look at what content marketing actually is.

Put simply; content marketing is a collection of online material that can be shared through various channels and platforms.

These include social media, websites, podcasts, and blogs.

As you might have guessed, content marketing requires content. However, it’s purpose is to inspire people to engage with what you’re sharing.

This means that it needs to be more than the standard ‘Sale Now On’ or ‘Click Here For Offer’ posts traditionally used in marketing.

Instead, the content should be something that your potential and existing customers are interested in and can learn from.

Blog posts, podcast episodes, and informational videos are all fantastic additions to any content marketing strategy.

We’ll go into a little more detail on each of those and more a little later on.

It certainly shouldn’t be thought of as clickbait, though.

Each piece of content you create for your content marketing strategy needs to generate interest but doesn’t mislead your audience into interacting with it.

Source: The A-Z of Content Marketing: 12+ Strategies & Channels

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