The World Of Social Commerce

Social Networks and their importance in Ecommerce Gateways

Have you been seeing eBay or Amazon ads on your Facebook feed? Or maybe some eBay discount codes have been popping up on your Twitter timeline? Are you someone who’s made a purchase via Instagram or Pinterest?

You shouldn’t be surprised when you see more and more traces from various ecommerce platforms showing up on your social media pages. These two types of platforms have been collaborating for a while now, and they may even be trying to take over the world wide web.

On Facebook, first we saw the appearance of Facebook Marketplace. This is a feature that Facebook added so that you could buy and sell things with the people in your community.

And later on, they partnered up this feature with eBay and started to also promote the eBay Daily Deals. Then, they ended up launching Messenger Payments, and Facebook even started selling tickets for events right on their platform.

In the meantime, Twitter first started testing their social commerce features when they introduced sales alerts. After making a significant amount in profits, they started rolling out a ‘Buy Now’ feature. With this, you’re able to buy any product that’s talked about in a tweet, directly through the platform, without having to leave the app to go and make your purchase.

And as for the rest of the big social media platforms, Tumblr took a similar route to Twitter and introduced a ‘Buy’ button, while Instagram integrated with Shopify, so now you can shop via your shoppable Instagram feed.

When it comes to Pinterest, they also implemented something similar, called buyable pins, and later on partnered up with Target.

As we can see, all of these social media platforms have been trying to incorporate a lot of the features from ecommerce, and research shows that their strategy is working.

Source: Social Networks and their importance in Ecommerce Gateways

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