The Most Exciting Thing About Bitcoin Isn’t Bitcoin

What is blockchain? It’s a decentralized record-keeping system in which the users of the technology actually participate in managing those records. For instance, if you decide to pay someone using Bitcoin, that transaction will be verified not by a central bank, but instead by several computers participating in the protocol. Every computer participating in the blockchain has a complete history of transactions, so it’s easy to spot any inconsistencies.Since transactions happen between individuals, there are no big banks to pay massive fees, payments can quickly be made to anyone in the world, and there is no credit card number attached the transaction which can be misused. In fact, participants can even earn credit for validating transactions. So instead of paying your bank all those processing fees, you could be earning money processing someone else’s transaction.And banking is far from the only arena where this technology can be applied. Blockchain protocol can work for just about any task where transactions or records need to be securely executed, verified, and stored.

Source: The Most Exciting Thing About Bitcoin Isn’t Bitcoin

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