Anonymous – Message to Bulgaria

When people violate the Constitution of Bulgaria are judged by you. And who should judge you when you violate the Constitution of Bulgaria? You go against your own laws. You do not comply with the position of people and do what you want to do: either potential damage to or destruction of the community. You Look at your own goods and you are blinded by the unbearable feeling of grandeur and obsession. Even after 02/11/2012 you continue to ignore people and again did not hear what the people wants.

You should know that if you do not remove your hands from ACTA, we will do it – one way or another. On 02.11.2012 the protests were peaceful. There will be no further protests. The next steps will be completely different. If you continue to mock the people in Bulgaria you will have to see this steps, but we are sure that you will not like them. Do not mess with us, observe your own laws and opt out of ACTA completely.

The actions of the people will be peaceful, but what they do will affect the economy, traffic and transport in almost all of Bulgaria. But if you keep your eyes shut, we will not play nice anymore.

We give you a chance to opt out of ACTA, peacefully, expressing it with an official statement. Our advice is – do not miss this important chance and do not press your luck.

We are Anonymous. We never forget. We never forgive. Expect us.


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