Super Bowl XLV Sneak Peek: 10 Ads with Winning Online Buzz

Super Bowl Sneak Peek: 10 Ads with Winning Online BuzzThe Super Bowl is the ultimate in football. It’s also the ultimate in engaging,entertaining and expensive commercials. As you know, social media has done itspart to impact the advertising campaigns—so we are taking a run at finding thecommercials with the most winning pre-bowl online buzz.As we have seen in the past, many ads use their Super Bowl TV time to deliver partof the content during the game while driving viewers to the website to finish the ad’snarrative. But this year, many savvy marketers have mastered the art of the theonline tease in the weeks leading up to the game. These campaigns are drivingplenty of pre-game social media buzz right now—and we expect it all to culminate inan online and offline ad-fest on Super Bowl XLVI on Sunday, February 5. So whichads will score the biggest win on the big day?You’ll have to wait until game time to find out. Until then, here are the ads you’resure to be talking about before the curtain goes up …

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