2012 Social Marketing & New Media Predictions

In his book Engage!, Brian Solis posits that “New media is a matter of digital Darwinism affecting any and all forms of marketing and service. In the world
of democratized influence, businesses must endure a perpetual survival of the
fittest. Engage or die!”
Given the importance of new and social media on every aspect of business,
the leadership team at Awareness Inc. connected with the influencers who are
shaping the new marketing agenda. We contacted business and marketing
experts, marketing leaders and agency visionaries to create a list of top 2012
predictions and trends. This white paper contains their collective intelligence
and insights for what is to come next year. We hope you find these expert
predictions informative, educational and actionable so you, the business and
marketing leaders of today, can successfully engage in the evolving ecosystem
that supports the socialization of information, and are in a position to help
businesses adapt to the new era of lasting relationships.
Awareness contacted over 34 leading marketing strategists, such as David
Meerman Scott, Brian Solis, Erik Qualman, Paul Gillin and Steve Rubel;
strategists at leading companies such as Intel and Constant Contact; and
visionaries at marketing agencies like Mindjumpers, Holland-Mark, Voce
Communications and Raidious to collect their insights along six key areas:
Part 1 Predictions for the biggest (social) marketing developments
Part 2 The role of “big data” in (social) marketing
Part 3 Key technology to impact (social) marketing
Part 4 The role of mobile in (social)
Part 5 The top challenges for (social) marketers
Part 6 The top trusted news resources
Appendix Biography

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