Vodafone: Christmas Christmas Laser Graffiti

Vodafone Ireland’s holiday campaign this year combines social media, projection mapping and street art, in an attempt to take the brand’s Facebook community offline and onto the streets.

The project, through digital agency Cybercom, began on the Vodafone Playground Facebook page last month when the community were encouraged to ‘Make someone happy’ with ‘Random Acts of Kindness’. People shared stories about the people they knew who best deserved a special treat. Vodafone then delivered those treats (everything from pyramids of chocolates to fully decked-out Christmas trees) to the most worthy nominees, captured it on video and shared it on the the Vodafone Playground wall.

The campaign culminated last week in a series of laser graffiti shows by some of local Irish srtreet artists, such as Dublin’s Maser, creating light displays from short Christmas messages submitted to the Vodafone Playground Facebook page wall. Using new laser graffiti technology, these were showcased on the sides of buildings in three cities across Ireland.
Agency: Cybercom

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