Blood Relations: The Israeli Palestinian Blood Donation Project – by BBR Saatchi & Saatchi

At Cannes 2010, BBR Saatchi & Saatchi launched a challenge called ‘The Impossible Brief’ – inviting creative minds around the world to present ideas to bring people in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict together. The result was Blood Relations. The idea brings together Palestinans and Israelis who have lost family members in the conflict to donate their blood to a general blood bank as a ‘symbolic act of healing’, asking the question ‘could you hurt someone who has your blood running through their veins?’

Following live donations that have been taking place in Tel Aviv, the website was launched to allow people all over the world to virtually donate their blood in support of the project. People on both sides of the conflict can go to the site to donate ‘virtual’ blood.

The grief and sorrow on both sides of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is torturous. Families from both sides have been left to mourn their lost loved ones after years of armed conflict. Young kids that died on the West Bank streets fighting Israeli soldiers and young Israeli kids that boarded a deadly bus not knowing a suicide bomber was sitting next to them.
It is natural for family members of victims to feel a mix of incredible emotions: anger, grief and a desire for revenge.

But after sixty years of blood loss, it’s time to give blood.
Israel and Palestine blood banks will exchange blood donations, thus forging blood relationships between future recipients.
The first to be invited to donate blood to each other will be bereaved families of both sides of the conflict.
The project was launched on September 14, 2011 as a part of the International Peace Day.



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