50,000 Bones, Route 66 and a 2 min. Film by One Million Bones

One Million Bones is a visible petition against genocide. The bone installation represents a mass grave, the seemingly never ending line of volunteers placing the bones represents the streams of survivors often displaced as a result of genocide. The totality makes the devastation of genocide visible. The 50,000 Bone Installation and film will help us get the word out, help us make the tragedy real, help us get to Washington in 2013.Your donations will support ALL aspects of the event from finishing the bones to bringing in major speakers (we’re hoping to have a great surprise for you) for the reception; from filming the video to editing and promoting it; from keeping our volunteers hydrated in the hot New Mexico sun to getting the word out to the world. It all matters, and we’re counting on your support for all of it. THANK YOU!

To learn more about One Million Bones:

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