KLM Fly2Miami: It Started With A Tweet?

It all started with a tweet, might sound like a cheesy song- but it’s an amazing story. What happened? KLM announced on Twitter that they would be re-opening their Amsterdam-Miami route on 27 March 2011.

A Dutch DJ and a filmmaker responded with disappointment to KLM, since that flight would be too late for the DJ festival starting a week before that. They told KLM that they could easily fill up that plane. KLM took up their challenge and guess what? In only five hours the DJ and filmer managed to collect 150 subscriptions for the flight.

The flight to Miami should be standard in KLM’s future offerings. DJ’s, VJ’s, MC’s, loud house music, cocktails and an on-board party. KLM should claim Ibiza in a similar way during the summer season! Commercial idea?
Read more: http://goo.gl/DCJ9t

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