8 Tips for Optimizing Your Landing Page

Here’s a quick summary of the points from the video:

Relevancy – No matter how you’ve positioned yourself as an expert through your article writing efforts, make sure your links are consistent with your market position. If the Resource Box and links aren’t relevant to the article, you’ll appear misleading to readers.

Functional – Make the landing page functional, clean and elegant. Do research to check that you’re not behind the times with your website’s design. If your site doesn’t appear to be up-to-date, visitors will be less likely to trust that your site is secure.

Interactive – Your landing page should have visitors doing something. That “something” is up to you. For example, if your goals with article writing and marketing include getting more newsletter sign-ups, Twitter followers, Facebook friends or sales, then use your landing page to those ends. Your call to action should be placed high on the landing page so it’s visible.

Clear Messages – It should be obvious what you want visitors to do next. Stay focused on the benefits of what you’re offering. Once you set the tone by delivering great content in your articles, keep that focus while you deliver your marketing messages on your own site.

Unique Messages – Create a landing page for each different product or type of product. If you have multiple landing pages, make them each unique to the message you’re sending.

Multi-Purpose – Build the landing pages right into your website. The main benefit is that the page will be indexed by search engines just like any other webpage on your business’ website.

Avoid Flash – Avoid using a Flash intro page. They may look amazing, but they rarely provide the conversion you’re looking for. The everyday web surfer has a short attention span and wants control over what they see. Flash animation takes away that control. Plus, Flash animation extends page load times, which gives visitors time to opt-off your site altogether.

Streamlined – Make your “sale” right on the landing page. Don’t send visitors all over the place looking for the action item. If you want them to buy a product, start that process right on the landing page. Each additional step you add before making the sale is another opportunity for them to opt-out.

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