The History of Video Games – Song & Video


Computer space, odyssey, Bushnell, Atari
Coleco, Ralph Baer, Pong becomes a hit
Channel F, Chuck E Cheese, Track Ball, Bushnell leaves
VCS Cartridges, the 2600

Space invaders, high score, vector graphics, space war
lunar lander, asteroids, monoco gp
Pac man, intellivision, end of game put three initials
Othello, nintendo, hiroshi yamauchi

console war, coleco vision, odyssey is back again
we can play atari games, different ports of pac man
pole position, pitfall, video pinball
sword quest, combat, adventure, easter egg

tempest, robotron, cenepede, xaxon
defender, radar scope, donkey kong, nintendo’s hope
mario bros. no one knows, shigeru miyamoto
ET. Dec. 7, video games are dead

amiga, msx, apple 2, basic
zx spectrum, multi user dungeon
commodore 64, kings quest, lode runner
zork on your floppy drive, macintosh arrives

famicon, gyromite, nes, excitebike
robotic operating buddy, light gun, duck hunt
super mario debut, clu clue land, wrecking crew
master system distant second nintendo into the blue

double dragon contra first castlevania
metal gear, ninja gained final fantasy begins
mega man, metroid, punch out, game boy
tetris, kirby, super mario bros. 3

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