Rand Fishkin Explains what is LDA for WPN Videos #SEO #SEM

Having this knowledge could be very important for SEOs, since it could let them know if they need to improve their content. For this reason, Rand Fishkin and the SEOmoz team developed a tool for doing just this called the LDA tool (Latent Dirichlet Allocation).

“Whenever we build, there’s no way it’s nearly as sophisticated as what Google’s using, but what we’re hoping is that maybe it can help people to analyze that and see if it’s a factor in their own rankings or on their pages,” Fishkin tells WebProNews.

The tool is free and is currently available in SEOmoz Labs. Fishkin says he does not know what the implications of the tool will be, but he believes the concept of it is, “a great thing for SEOs to be doing and thinking about more robustly…”

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