Samsonite Launch New AD Campaign with “Bull Fight”

Boston-based independent shop Connelly Partners today unveils its first advertising for Samsonsite in an effort to relaunch the brand in the U.S.

A 30-second spot called “Bull Fight” features a matador using a wheeled red piece of the luggage in lieu of the traditional cape.

Steve Connelly, CCO and president of the agency, said the commercial is designed to illustrate “the likeability of the brand and underlined how Samsonite Spinners can nimble you up” in situations where quick movements are essential.

Christian Aparicio, a real matador, stars, as does an actual bull, though the two were shot separately and edited together to “interact” in the spot’s white, dreamy landscape.

The spot initially breaks on the CNN Airport Network with an additional media buy likely for the holiday season.

Samsonite, based in Mansfield, Mass., tapped Connelly in March and is launching the campaign in tandem with its 100th birthday celebration.


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